Quantum Fish Feeder


#2012 Quantum Fish-Cast


Features Include:

Directionally projects and scatters the feed toward the pond with minimal blow-back

Stand the Fish-Cast on the pond bank, edge of a dock or it may be suspended from a MONARCH crank hoist

The timer is a reliable MONARCH Digtial that may be programmed to feed between 1 to 6 times per day

Clamp type Large lid included

The Special Spinner Plate self-cleans the chute and helps eliminate most feed build-up

A Funnel cone is inside the barrel

Includes 12 Volt Battery and Tripod Legs

If Desired rig the Fish-Cast Feeder with a Drop-Away varmint cage and a Weather Guard drum Cover and a solar panel

#0412 Crown 12 Vot Digital Power Unit


#1707 "Lean-To" Tower Feeder Platform Ladder


Features Include:

Provides a platform for feeder loading

For use on Monarch 55 gal. Deer Feeders, 500 lb. Deer Feeder, 55 Gal. Protein Feeder, Fish Feeder, 500 lb. Protein Feeder

Fits several feeder brands

Weight.. 30lb

  • $116.95


#9412-T Quantum Fish-Cast Digital Controller with Solar Panel


Features Include:

Special Spinner Plate Design

Attaches to your feed container

Includes 2 1/2" Throat Down Spout

12 volt motor

Feeds between 1 and 6 times daily

Throws feed 1-10 seconds



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